2019 Silmaril Awards coming on September 2nd

August 16, 2019 5
The Silmaril Awards will soon be back for their fourth year! Come be a part of the most unique literary fantasy awards just about anywhere. These awards are for characters, not for authors or books, and they are (appropriately) presented by fictional characters, specifically, famous heroes from the writings of J.R.R. Tolkien. This year’s awards will keep the same categories as last year, namely:
  • Most Epic Heroine
  • Least Competent Henchman
  • Most Magnificent Dragon
  • Silver Tongue
  • Most Faithful Friend
  • Most Nefarious Villain
  • Strangest Character
  • Most Epic Hero
  • Most Mischievous Imp
  • Wisest Counselor
There will be two new presenters, though one is a Silmaril alum. Welcome back Jennette, and welcome our newest presenter Christine!


September 2nd: Nominations open September 9th: Voting begins September 16th-27th: Awards will be announced on the various sites of the various presenters each weekday during this time. For more information about the awards, please see our home page, or ask a question in the comments below and we’ll try too answer as soon as possible. Mark your calendars. We’ll see you at the show!