8th Annual Silmaril Awards coming Sept. 4th, 2023

August 28, 2023 0

The Silmaril Awards are back!

The fantasy character awards—the “Oscars of Fantasy”—are coming soon!

Eleven categories this year, including two new ones, the Most Wayward Soul and our first joint award, Most Devoted Couple.

Join us for a month of fantasy fun and mayhem.

What to expect

Each award will be hosted on a separate site (links coming soon).

The first week you will get to nominate for your favorite characters in each category. Simply leave a comment on the host page for that site stating who you wish to nominate.

The second week, you’ll vote on the top 5 nominees.

And then we’ll have two weeks of award ceremonies with a different award presented each day by one of Tolkien’s characters.

Sound like fun?

Then pull on your wizard hat, sharpen your sword, and sally forth to nominate, vote, and revel in the chaos that is the Silmaril Awards.

Here are the dates for the most unique fantasy awards on the internet.


September 4-8: Nominations

September 11-15: Voting

September 18-29: Award Ceremonies

Be sure to check out our Silmaril Awards Facebook group to discuss the awards and chat with the hosts and other voters.

Fell deeds awake! We’ll see you on the battlefield.