2022 Silmaril Award Nominations for Most Epic Hero

September 6, 2022 Off
Silmaril Awards

Welcome to the seventh annual Silmaril Award nominations for Most Epic Hero! This is your chance to nominate your favorite fantasy heroes in a fiction free-for-all to see which one is the most epic.

Also, this year we have a bonus giveway! A complete set of the Lord of the Rings extended edition DVDs. See the end of the post for details.

On this page we’re accepting nominations for fantasy heroes. Heroes in fantasy can often seem larger than life, accomplishing more and daring greater things in one day than most of us could accomplish over many years.

Yet in the end it is not the achievements that mark the hero. It is the heart that beats within. They may face uncommon challenges, but the call of the hero is given to us all. To do what is right in the moment of testing. That is what makes a hero. And faithfulness to their friends, their country, or the truth is what marks the greatest heroes.

And that is why we love heroes and why if there is one thing this world could use more of, it is heroes! So let’s celebrate them with this year’s awards and nominate the best and truest hearts to grace the pages of fantasy fiction.

2022 Silmaril Award Nominations

There are ten awards up for grabs (see the list below for links to the other awards).

All you have to do to nominate is post a comment with the name of the epic hero you’d like to see considered for the award. Or, if you notice that the character has already been nominated, you can simply reply with a “second” to the original comment for that character.

The rules for nominating are as follows:

  • You may nominate as many characters as you wish.
  • You may also second as many characters nominated by others as you choose. The more “seconds” (and thirds, fourths, etc) a character receives, the more likely that character will move on to the voting round, which will feature the top five most nominated characters from each category (the host will break any ties).
  • Nominations are allowed for fantasy book characters only! (Movie characters are not allowed, unless the book came first).
  • The Silmaril Awards are “lifetime” awards. Characters who have already won a Silmaril in previous years are not eligible to win the same award again (though they may win other awards.) Previous winners of the Most Epic Hero include
  • For a list of past winners for other awards, please visit this page.
  • Also, characters from Tolkien’s works are not allowed. Instead, they are the presenters of the awards. These awards are for all the “other guys.”

This year’s awards

Heroes are not the only characters up for awards. Here it the list of the rest of this year’s awards with links to where you can make your nominations:

A heroic giveaway

Every hero needs to be well supplied before his adventures. Don’t for get the giveaway! Just click on the link below to go to the giveaway page. The grand prize is a complete set of Lord of the Rings DVD’s. Other prizes include: The Hobbit Card Game, a cool dragon bookmark, and assorted dragon stickers!