This Year’s Awards

The 2023 Awards are here!

The nominations have been taken. The votes are in. Grab your confetti and get ready for the fireworks. The fantasy character awards are coming to a climax.

Here are this year’s winners! Follow the links to read the enchanting ceremonies and find out who won!

Week 1

Monday, September 18: Most Magnificent Dragon – Jenelle Leanne Schmidt
Tuesday, Septemeber 19: Most Nefarious Villain – C.O. Bonham
Wednesday, September 20: Most Devoted Couple – Samantha Benedict
Thursday, September 21: Most Wayward Soul – E.E. Rawls
Friday, September 22: Most Silver Tongue – The Grim Writer
Saturday, September 21: Most Epic Heroine – Catherine Hawthorn

Week 2

Monday, September 25: Most Majestic Ruler – DJ Edwardson
Tuesday, September 26: Most Faithful Friend – J.L. Mbewe
Wednesday, September 27: Most Mischievous Imp – Grace Taber
Thursday, September 28: Most Epic Hero – Merie Shen
Friday, September 29: Wisest Counselor – Sarah Pennington

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